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Making stationery with

picture PSP letters

I like making my own stationery for Outlook Express and the program I use most is PSP8.
With this program you can make fancy letters and these letters can be used in special occasion e-mails like birthdays, new borns, weddings etc.

On the net you can find lots of websites that offer you ready made stationery free to download and use.
For me and many others the fun is in making things yourself. In the beginning your efforts will be basic, but depending on how much time you want to spend and your level of creativity, the sky is the limit!

You can do so much with letters. Give every letter a different colour and add some tubes (pictures with a transparent background) and voila you are ready to go! Save the picture as a GIF in your stationery folder.

picture of happy birthday

It is even more effective if you let the picture scroll across the page by adding a script called marquee. Then it looks like this:

picture of happy birthday

When you edit your E-mail in Outlook Express add the script below in the body part.

<marquee><img src="images/your image"></marquee>

The default is scrolling from right to left.
To alter the direction write;

<marquee direction=right><img src="images/your image"></marquee>

or to change directions from right to left write;

<marquee direction=alternate><img src="images/your image"></marquee>

Music can be added in OE by clicking on format/background/music. Some sites offer free midis for you to use.

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