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image of a young SamSam's actual name was Samson. Because he was very insecure and frightened when he came to us, we decided to give him a name that would give him lots of confidence!

Sam was born in July 1992 and was Sam with Holly4 months old when we discovered him in the window of a petshop. His brother had been sold and Sam was feeling very lonely and scared, so we couldn't resist him. He settled in well and became great friends with our other dog, Holly.

Sam loved going to the park in the morning with his great friend Jessie.

Sam swimmingThey enjoyed meeting other dogs (and people) and loved chasing after the tennis ball. Sam loved going to the beach or the river for a swim. He liked fetching a stick but didn't like to give it back.
He wanted you to try to take it from him, but he wouldn't let go.
In other words, Sam won all the power games (which is against the rules)!

In July 2003 Sam was diagnosed with cancer and passed away too soon on the 15th of September. He is very much missed by his four and two-legged friends!.

Jessie has a new friend whose name is Jack.

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