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Some Favourite Pictures

If you'd like to look more closely at one of the pictures, just click on it to get a bigger view.

...Met Paula en Linda. With Paula and Linda...Dinner with Paula and Linda in 1997 during my visit to Holland.
Celebrating my 50th birthday!

...Summer 1997...

With my sister Gerda and friends for a picnic in the dunes (Noord Holland 1997)

...little ones...Bianca and Hannah.
The menu looks very interesting!...Mam and Lidy 1999...

One of the last pictures with Mam. Schiphol 1999.

...Sam is resting!... Sam is enjoying the sun!

...Lunch with Paula, Frits and Yvonne ...

Lunch in the Yarra Valley!

...Jessie in 2000...

Jessie was born in February 2000.
She is a terrier cross and can be "cross" like a real terrier!

...Platypus near Strahan's ocean beach...

I have some great memories of a trip to Tasmania in 2001.

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