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People and Places

Items of interest from Australia and Europe

Alkmaar  Thoughts about my birthplace

Batman  An extract from the journal of John Batman, traditionally considered to be the founder of Melbourne

Dandenong Ranges  (English) Photographs of a favourite beauty spot.

Dandenong Ranges  (Nederlands) Photographs of a favourite beauty spot.

Flying Dutchman  Recounting the legend of a ship whose captain was condemned to sail forever

Galo de Barcelos  The story behind a well known rooster

Goud Goud!  Goud in Victoria (Nederlands)

Hans Brinker  The story of a little boy whose prompt action and endurance prevented a disastrous flood

Holland  Some things that are typical of my homeland

HOME  My home page

Ludwig  A most eccentric monarch

Melbourne  A brief history of Melbourne

Melbourne   (Nederlands) Een korte geschiedenis van Melbourne

Munich  A personal look at the famous city

Saint James  The legend of Saint James (Santiago de Compostela)

Sint Nicholaas  The story of Sint Nicholaas

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