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Our Garden

a strip of bright yellow daisies

Our garden is located east of Melbourne (Australia). It consists of fruit trees, shrubs and flowers, but also a vegetable garden and some hens.
The hens provide us with lovely eggs and also manure to feed the "vegies".
Melbourne enjoys a temperate climate with mild winter temperatures. Summer temperatures often reach over the 30 mark, while winter averages 15. We are therefore able to grow a variety of plants, flowers, trees and of course vegetables all year around.a low-growing pink-flowered herb In spring, when everything bursts into flower, the garden is at its best .
That is my favourite time of the year as the garden looks green and very colourful. During summer it often hot and very dry and the colours are less vivid. At that time of the year the garden is very thirsty and uses lots of water, so we have installed two small watertanks next to the two carports and a larger one next to the house to collect water from part of the roof.

Click this link to see a selection of the flowers growing in our garden. lots of flowers

Created on ... March 29, 2003

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