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Going Digital

red geranium

In the 70's I was a keen photographer and developed my own black and white pictures. My darkroom was the bathroom with the ironing board, standing in the bathtub, as a worktable. (This was in case of chemical spills.)
Now in the new millennium I am going Digital.

Traditional photography and digital imaging share some similarities. With the first we used to talk about "crystals" which darken in proportion to the intensity of the light that falls on them. These have been replaced in digital imaging by "pixels"(PICture ELement).

In photography the exposed film has to be processed with chemicals for us to see the final picture. In digital imaging you need a computer plus printer and the appropriate software to produce the images.

The great advantage of a "digicam" is the LCD screen on the back of the camera; it gives you a full colour display of the picture you want to take. The disadvantage of the LCD screen is the high battery consumption, so it is worth looking for a camera that comes with a rechargeable battery.

The pictures of flowers on my flower-page are taken with one of the first Fuji digicams with probably less then one pixel. Although it was very good for taking photos in "macro" mode like the flowers, it did not cope very well with high contrast scenes. That is why I have now chosen a camera with 3.2 mega pixels in order to have more options.

I like taking photos in "macro" mode of flowers and in autumn of fungi growing in our garden.

photo of fungi

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