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"The Dandenong Ranges"

the Dandenongs

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33km east of Melbourne are the "Dandenong Ranges", a large National Park with the highest point being Mount Dandenong (633m).

From the top of Mount Dandenong there is a beautiful view over Melbourne and surroundings.

Dandenong is an aborigional word and means something like "tall" or "elevated".

Since 1987 the Dandenongs are a National Park. Three forest areas were merged, Sherbrook Forest, Doongalla Reserve and FerntreeGully National Park. In 1997 an other section was added and the whole area is now 3212ha in total.

The park features extensive stands of mountain ash, a very tall eucalypt, tree ferns, as well as patches of remnant rainforest.

The park is of high botanical and zoological significance and many variations of flora and fauna are protected including the famous lyrebird.
There are 350 different indigenous plant species.

The Mountain Ash, the tallest hardwood tree in the world, covers the most south facing slopes. Tree-ferns play a big part in the scenery of the Dandenongs.

The Dandenongs "the lungs of Melbourne" attract many visitors and provide lots of activities.
There are lots of walking and cycling tracks, but also plenty of picnic grounds with BBQ facilities.

Grants' picnic ground is popular with visitors because of the many Rosellas that come there to be fed.

Photos I have taken of The Dandenongs.

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

uitzicht Dandenongs oude bomen varens treefern

bospad treeferns treeferns treeferns view from the Dandenongs

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