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Charley's name

This is the story of Charley

picture of Charley Charley was born on the thirty-first of October, 1995, so he was three years old when he came to join us in December 1998.
We found him at the Victorian Animal Aid Trust, which provides rescue and veterinary care for abandoned pets. He was in a bad way; his coat was very badly matted.
The first thing he needed was a bath and a shave!!
Then it was discovered that he had "ringworm" and we went through a very difficult time as all the other animals had to be treated as well.
Now, though, Charley is a very happy cat who likes eating best!!kitten lapping milk enthusiastically

Charley after a trim His coat still needs a lot of looking after and in summer it is easiest to have it cut short.
This is what Charley looks like after he has had a "haircut". He doesn't look very impressed!

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