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Special Characters

Alphabetic Arrangement of Character Codes

In html, write the code. To put a character into a document or email, copy and paste the actual character.

The column on the right has “entity” names.
Quite often, if these are written between a “&” and a “;” they will give the wanted result. Not always, though.

A, capital letter with acute Á Á Aacute
A, capital letter with circumflex   Acirc
A, capital letter with diaeresis Ä Ä Auml
A, capital letter with grave À À Agrave
A, capital letter with ring above Å Å Aring
A, capital letter with tilde à à Atilde
a small letter with acute á á aacute
a, small letter with circumflex â â acirc
a, small letter with diaeresis ä ä auml
a, small letter with grave à à agrave
a, small letter with ring above å å aring
a, small letter with tilde ã ã atilde
acute accent ´ ´ acute
AE, capital letter or ligature AE Æ Æ AElig
ae, small letter or ligature ae æ æ aelig
ampersand & & amp
angle quotation mark, single left-pointing ‹ lsaquo
angle quotation mark, single right-pointing › rsaquo
broken vertical bar ¦ ¦ brvbar
C, capital letter with cedilla Ç Ç Ccedil
c, small letter with cedilla ç ç ccedil
capital ligature OE ΠΠOElig
cedilla ¸ ¸ cedil
cent sign ¢ ¢ cent
circumflex accent ˆ ˆ circ
copyright sign © © copy
cubed sign or superscript three ³ ³ sup3
currency sign ¤ ¤ curren
dagger † dagger
decimal point · · middot
degree sign ° ° deg
diaeresis ¨ ¨ uml
division sign ÷ ÷ divide
double dagger ‡ Dagger
E, capital letter with acute É É Eacute
E, capital letter with circumflex Ê Ê Ecirc
E, capital letter with diaeresis Ë Ë Euml
E, capital letter with grave È È Egrave
e, small letter with acute é é eacute
e, small letter with circumflex ê ê ecirc
e, small letter with diaeresis ë ë euml
e, small letter with grave è è egrave
em dash — mdash
em space   emsp
en dash – ndash
en space   ensp
ETH, capital letter Ð Ð ETH
eth, small letter ð ð eth
euro sign € euro
exclamation mark inverted ¡ ¡ iexcl
feminine ordinal indicator ª ª ordf
greater-than sign > > gt
half -vulgar fraction one half ½ ½ frac12
I, capital letter with acute Í Í Iacute
I, capital letter with circumflex Î Î Icirc
I, capital letter with diaeresis Ï Ï Iuml
I, capital letter with grave Ì Ì Igrave
i, small letter with acute í í iacute
i, small letter with circumflex î î icirc
i, small letter with diaeresis ï ï iuml
i, small letter with grave ì ì igrave
inverted exclamation mark ¡ ¡ iexcl
inverted question mark ¿ ¿ iquest
left-pointing double angle quotation mark or guillemet « « laquo
left-to-right mark ‎ lrm
less-than sign &#60; < lt
macron or overline or overbar &#175; ¯ macr
masculine ordinal indicator &#186; º ordm
micro sign &#181; µ micro
middle dot or Georgian comma or Greek middle dot &#183; · middot
multiplication sign &#215; × times
N, capital letter with tilde &#209; Ñ Ntilde
n, small letter with tilde &#241; ñ ntilde
non-breaking space &#160;   nbsp
not sign or discretionary hyphen &#172; ¬ not
O, capital letter with acute &#211; Ó Oacute
O, capital letter with circumflex &#212; Ô Ocirc
O, capital letter with diaeresis &#214; Ö Ouml
O, capital letter with grave &#210; Ò Ograve
O, capital letter with stroke or slash &#216; Ø Oslash
O, capital letter with tilde &#213; Õ Otilde
OE, capital ligature &#338; ΠOElig
o, small letter with acute &#243; ó oacute
o, small letter with circumflex &#244; ô ocirc
o, small letter with diaeresis &#246; ö ouml
o, small letter with grave &#242; ò ograve
o, small letter with stroke or slash &#248; ø oslash
o, small letter with tilde &#245; õ otilde
oe, small ligature &#339; œ oelig
overline or overbar or macron &#175; ¯ macr
paragraph sign or pilcrow sign &#182; para
per mille sign &#8240; permil
piping symbol &#166; ¦ brvbar
plus-or-minus sign &#177; ± plusmn
point (middle dot) &#183; · middot
pound sign &#163; £ pound
quarter, vulgar fraction one quarter &#188; ¼ frac14
question mark inverted &#191; ¿ iquest
quotation mark &#34; " quot
quotation mark, left double &#8220; ldquo
quotation mark, left single &#8216; lsquo
quotation mark, low-9 double &#8222; bdquo
quotation mark, low-9 single &#8218; sbquo
quotation mark, right double &#8221; rdquo
quotation mark, right single &#8217; rsquo
registered trade mark sign &#174; ® reg
right-pointing double angle quotation markor guillemet &#187; » raquo
right-to-left mark &#8207; rlm
S, capital letter with caron &#352; Š Scaron
s, small letter sharp or ess-zed &#223; ß szlig
s, small letter with caron &#353; š scaron
section sign &#167; § sect
soft hyphen or discretionary hyphen &#173; ­ shy
space thin &#8201; thinsp
space, non-breaking &#160;   nbsp
squared sign or superscript two &#178; ² sup2
superscript one or superscript digit one &#185; ¹ sup1
superscript three or cubed sign &#179; ³ sup3
superscript two or squared sign &#178; ² sup2
thin space &#8201; thinsp
THORN, capital letter &#222; Þ THORN
thorn, small letter &#254; þ thorn
three quarters &#190; ¾ frac34
tilde, small &#732; ˜ tilde
U, capital letter with acute &#218; Ú Uacute
U, capital letter with circumflex &#219; Û Ucirc
U, capital letter with diaeresis &#220; Ü Uuml
U, capital letter with grave &#217; Ù Ugrave
u, small letter with acute &#250; ú uacute
u, small letter with circumflex &#251; û ucirc
u, small letter with diaeresis &#252; ü uuml
u, small letter with grave &#249; ù ugrave
Y, capital letter with acute &#221; Ý Yacute
Y, capital letter with diaeresis &#376; Ÿ Yuml
y, small letter with acute &#253; ý yacute
y, small letter with diaeresis &#255; ÿ yuml
yen sign or yuan sign &#165; ¥ yen
zero width joiner &#8205; zwj
zero width non-joiner &#8204; zwnj
Portions © International Organization for Standardization 1986:

Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

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