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Lidy's Place--Site Map

Alkmaar  Thoughts about my birthplace

Australian Flowers  Native flowers blooming in my neighbourhood.

Batman  An extract from the journal of John Batman, traditionally considered to be the founder of Melbourne

Birds  Stunning photos of birds that visit our garden

Characters  Characters that aren't on the keyboard

Charley Brown  Pictures and thoughts about our lovely Persian cat

Dandenong Ranges  (English) Photographs of a favourite beauty spot

Dandenong Ranges  (Nederlands) Photographs of a favourite beauty spot

Digital Photos  Some favourites

Flowers  Close-up photographs of flowers from my own garden

Flowers 2  Close-up photographs of more flowers from my own garden

Flowers 3  Close-up photographs of Australian flowers

Spring flowers 2005  photographs of spring flowers (2005)

Flying Dutchman  Recounting the legend of a ship whose captain was condemned to sail forever

Fungi  Photos of fungi (dial up)

Fungi  Photos of fungi (high res)

Going Digital  Now in the new millennium I am going Digital

Goud Goud!  Goud in Victoria (Nederlands)

Hans Brinker  The story of a little boy whose prompt action and endurance prevented a disastrous flood

Het Nederlands  Pages in Nederlands

Holiday Photos  Photos of Portugal and Galicia

Holidays 2004  My trip through North Portugal and Spanisch Galicia

Holland  The Netherlands—Some things that are typical of my homeland

HOME  My home page

Jack  The newest member of the family

Jessie  The life of a tiny terrier

Koos  A much loved cat, now departed

Links  My favourite web sites

Ludwig  A most eccentric monarch

Melbourne  A brief history of Melbourne

Melbourne (Nederlands)  Een korte geschiedenis van Melbourne

Munich  A personal look at the famous city

our_garden  Thoughts about our garden

Pictures  Old Favourites

PSP8  Samples of the work I've done with my favourite program

Rooster of Barcelos   The story of Galo de Barcelos

Saint James  Read the legend of Saint James

Sam  Life and times of a fox terrier

Sint Nicholaas   The story of Sint Nicholaas

stationery  Making stationery for OE with the help of PSP

Yarra River  Pictures from various points along our river

Yarra River (Nederlands)  Pictures from various points along our river

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